Hybrid Publishing Solutions for Authors

How We Serve Authors

We offer honest advice, support, and book publishing for authors who are looking for creative solutions, leveraging Tom Freiling’s highly successful experience in both traditional and self-publishing.

Our hybrid publishing models are author-subsidized but offer the benefits of a high-quality traditional publishing program, in exchange for a generous royalty twice the size of what you might earn from another publisher.

Our world-class publishing programs include:

  • Work with you during the writing and editorial process.
  • Collaborate with you to develop a winning title and book cover design.
  • Create and manage your SEO, meta-data, BISAC codes, LOC registration, and all other pertinent and important pre-publishing tasks.
  • Place your book for sale online and with 20,000+ retail outlets, guaranteeing widespread availability in the USA and abroad.
  • Help you develop an effective marketing campaign.

Private Consultations Available

Tom makes himself available to authors who are seeking sound advice on their book

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