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25 Years of Publishing Experience

Tom has published thousands of titles, selling millions of copies worldwide.


25+ Year Book Publishing Veteran:

Tom Freiling is a publishing veteran with 25+ years of entrepreneurial and senior-level management experience in traditional print and digital publishing. His expertise encompasses writing and editorial, marketing, distribution, and the sale of books and digital media.

Tom has collaborated with and published multiple NY Times best-selling authors, professional athletes, celebrity musicians, journalists, political influencers, and notable thought leaders. His books have sold millions of copies worldwide, and the industry leading digital publishing company he founded has earned revenues of 50M+.

  • Senior Vice-President, WND Books
  • Vice-President and GM, Salem Communications
  • Founder and CEO, Xulon Press
  • Publisher, Charisma House
  • Managing Director, Eagle Publishing

Tom offers honest advice, creative ideas, and the professional publishing services you can trust.

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